The tide is high

The urge to write in English is back so I decided to give into it. The urge didn’t just randomly come back to me though. It was caused by the presence of  an American person  in our house. She forced us to speak English all the time so nobody would feel left out during any conversation (I’m just kidding). I originally started blogging in English in 2006 and I’ve been switching between English and Dutch occasionally (leaving any French/Swedish/Japanese little blurtouts aside). This is one of those moments that I just really feel like sharing some English words with the little amount of readers I have left. It doesn’t matter, I understand.

Wedding pictures with the Erasmus crew


So I’ve been enjoying the summer as much as I could. At least I tried to do so, by leaving this Holland country two times. My first goodbye was said when traveling to Sweden for a week to attend my friends wedding there. Ever since spending 5+ months in Sweden, arriving at Arlanda airport always makes me feel like I’m coming home. I had a perfect week. Being in Stockholm, Uppsala and Linköping in the presence of my friends felt so good that I didn’t want to leave. Luckily I had another trip to look forward to. Zakynthos, an Ionian island located just beneath Greece’s main land. I traveled there with a friend whom I’ve known since highschool.  Considering our mutual weird sense of humor this trip was bound to be a success. And it was. We laughed, ate, swam and relaxed a lot. And since it wasn’t exactly “the island of adventures” this was a perfect opportunity for me to truly lay back and do nothing. A thing I rarely like to do, but it was good.

The view from our favorite restaurant Aperitto

Photo Aug 11, 19 23 46

So now I’m awaiting my masters year at the uni; Clinical neuropsychology. I’m both excited and wanting it to be over ASAP. The latter coming from the strong sense of wanderlust that’s racing through my body. I blame Bali. I thank Bali. As soon as all of this is over, I’m heading back there. Back to exploring.

Until here, until next time :)


Å Ä Ö – Two buddies on adventure

Last week I was finishing up the first year of my new studies. Today, I’m sitting in an amazing apartment in Södermalm, Stockholm. How did that happen?


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Erasmus took the Eiffel Tower

Encore, un week-end magnifique avec tous les garçons et les filles d’Erasmus. Arriving vendredi matin,  leaving dimanche dans l’afternoon. We were 10/11/12: – JB (&Kate&Sister) – Maman Nancy – Aurélie – Luca – Doris – Martin – Annemiek – Steve – Julian – et moi et moi et moi.

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