Who’s serving?

My name is Danique and ever since I was 19 I’ve been lucky enough to live in Amsterdam. After highschool I thought my future would consist of fashion, styling and design. After studying that for a year I realized that those three things would be in my future, just not in a professional way. I switched to a less abstract studies; interactive media and multimedia design. I had a blast studying that, mostly because of the friends I made there. Together we got to know and enjoy Amsterdam more and more, and during the first year I started living there with a friend. And though I enjoyed the years studying interactive media I’d never felt like I belonged there. On the other hand, I didn’t have a clue about what to do otherwise and so I kept on doing it. Over time the joy of course decreased and I became less and less motivated to keep going.

Then the opportunity to go abroad for a semester presented itself. I gladly took it and still consider it one of the, if not the, most amazing experiences of my life. I came back a new person who had gotten to know herself a little bit better. With only one more year of studying to go I was motivated enough to graduate. I still hadn’t figured out what I wanted to do after but that was something for later concern. First I did an internship for a big publishing agency in the Netherlands, which was a wonderful experience. Afterwards I started working on my final thesis about the psychological aspects of media. And then it all changed.

In the end that thesis never happened because there was too much focus on psychology (not my studies) instead of media. But still, ever since I had gotten deeper into psychology by reading books, websites and blogs about it, and by talking to psychology students about it, I couldn’t ignore the feeling of belonging I experienced. Realizing that I had finally found MY field of interest it became a little bit harder to finish the media studies. But I did it, and I’m proud and happy that I did. I was also glad it was over because it was time to move on, taking all the things I’d learned over the years with me. Next stop: University.

Right now I finished the psychology bachelor program, specializing in clinical neuropsychology. I’m starting my masters next week and I feel both excited and wanting it to be over ASAP. Due to my long history of studying I feel like I’m ready for something else, something new. But the fact that within a year or two I can be done studying in general, I’m willing to postpone my after studies traveling plans and such, to get through my masters.

I’ve decided to take a little time after that to let things be. Maybe travel a little, maybe sit on a white sanded beach for a while enjoying the local cocktails, I’ll see… Time will probably reveal the answers to my questions. Until then I keep doing my best regarding all things I consider important. I also want to decorate this very blog to clear my head a little when I feel like I need to.

I have no specific intentions with this blog. This means that I won’t write about a particular topic, update infrequently, but doing it with love and dedication. This is a place for me to express myself in a variety of ways and I hope to get something meaningful out of it. Since I’ve blogged before, sometimes with more enthusiasm than other times, I’m curious to see where this blog gets me. Therefore, I’d love to hear your suggestions, advice, comments or random blurt-outs to help me figuring out my future.

Ok. Ready for liftoff now…



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