Friday the 13th

For the first time since several months I find myself writing again. The urge to do it has been there for quite a while. Whenever I’m not writing I forget how nice it feels to just sit, type and clear my head. It has always helped me in some magic way to see things in perspective again and I always feel somewhat relieved afterwards. I like to re-read old posts because they reflect my feelings when I wrote them. The very first posts I wrote on a Blogspot. I changed spots but the name stayed. The first words of a much younger and much thoughtless me:

#1 DANIQUECONIJN (november 2006)

went voting today,,
was stupid student-teacher fight at school,,,
was fun and stupid.
i’m hungry!
will leave school in 35 min.
looking forward to it,,
am dieting,,
going great,
c’est tout!
had coffee(cappu) today,,
bought men’s tux pants
looks awesome!

#2 DECEMBER (december 2006)

holiday month
i dunno what to think of it
i do like christmas
especially christmas
i will be wearing my V&R with high heels
can’t wait!
then look out for new year
party like crazy all night
and then…
all crazed up by all the bubbles
i will certainly have some MOËT!
it is gonna be a great month,,
but even better if i were in Paris…

I was all about the short sentences and keywords back then… another one that goes a little bit deeper then:

#4 FAIRYTALE (december 2006)

once upon a time there was a girl from amsterdam,,
she lived her life in the city and had nothing to complain about
suddenly, there was this guy who appeared in her life
he made her feel al crazy and insecure
one day she said to herself:
i can’t let him take over my whole life
so she made up a plan,,
a plan to kill this feeling inside
she went up to the guy’s house and started to kiss him
he didn’t understand her but even though he liked it
the feeling had gone in no time
the insecureness went to secureness and the crazyness went to love
so if you ever feel crazy and insecure you might ask yourself,,
who’s that evil bastard that fucked me up?!
so the fuckups aren’t always bad,, they can turn out to something good
keep that in mind,,

Haha, this last one was totally made up, there was no special character in my life while I wrote this post. I do recognize the feeling of insecurity I was already experiencing back then, and still haven’t figured out completely. I’m working on it though, much more now than I was back then so that’s some progress at least. I’m happy to have found a new lust for writing and sharing. For a friday the thirteenth this day is not so bad! Onto many more of these days!

/ Dani


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