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Yesterday I found out about an amazing website, that, apparently, has been used and loved by most of my co-humans for several years. Well, better late than never one must think in a situation like that. This particular website is called:

If you haven’t found it yet I suggest you to make an account ASAP because it’s awesome (I do not feel the need to explain why exactly it is awesome, you just have to experience it yourself and tell me I was right afterwards).

This is how you roll:

1. You can easily sign up with your Facebook account
2. Mark your interests in a list (you can even add new ones!)
3. Explore!

Just press the Stumble Upon button when you’re done and the website will filter some random websites based on your preferences from the internet. You can like or dislike particular sites so your preferences (and of course the outcomes) will become more specific over time. You can also filter on one particular interest of yours, let’s say psychology, and only psychology related sites will show themselves.

Oh! And you can add your own blog/site/whatever too so people will be able to Stumble Upon you too! :)

I must warn you though;

Keep an eye on the clock in between exploring and discovering this whole new world. You’ll be many hours further before you know it.

Enjoy! (and it’s 1:57 AM, that happens when no clocks are around)


One Comment

  1. Tack Danique för din fina kommentar som du skrev på min blogg!! Vad glad jag är att du tycker om min blogg!! Tack för alla fina ord!
    Kramar <3

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