Bon (belated birthday in Brussels) weekend!

Bonjour, salut and hi from Amsterdam!

For weeks I’ve been dealing with an urge to blog again but there were of course many factors that kept me from it. Now that I finally found some time I’m ready to share the hell out.

Things have been a little crazy since uni started again. Luckily I looooooove the courses I’m taking, although, some of them are pretty heavy. For the past few weeks we’ve been learning in small groups of students on how to have a professional (pro-client) conversation. Aside from learning about the conversational techniques we also had to practice them with each other. This involved sharing a lot of personal stories and emotions, which sometimes could become quite intense. Everything we studied and practiced during the past few weeks has been piling up inside my head and I don’t know:
a) Why it’s still there, and
b) What to do with it?

Perhaps writing about it will help me clear my head a little…

But now…

Onto the belated birthday weekend in Brussels with my parents and sister! My birthday was in february so it was about time it happened. We were so lucky to have picked THAT weekend because it was HOTHOTHOT! Sunny days, high temperatures (in october!), beautiful sights, a wonderful afternoon with a longtimenosee friend, an adorable bed and breakfast and of course exploring the city together with the four of us. We rode trams and buses, drank wine and beer, ate tartelettes and moules, shopped commercial and vintage and… most importantly… I got to celebrate my birthday outside in the sun! That was a first!

Thanks again for a great weekend, but Brussels definitely needs another visit with more of all of the above!

That’s it for now but I’m keeping my hopes up for more frequent updates. Much more to talk about but I consider 2:00 AM a good time to call it a night!. Especially since I’m planning a little run tomorrow morning, to get myself a little Dam tot Dam spirit again…



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