Första lektionen svenska

When you’re a kid you want it to be summer holiday forever. Not having to go to school was the best thing that could happen to you. But now…

I couldn’t be happier to be stepping into the university for my first classes of the year. As I mentioned in my previous post, my second bachelor year I’ll be studying both psychology AND the swedish language! Hopefully I’ll be able to have a proper conversation at the end of the semester. I know I’m gonna work hard because I really really want to speak swedish more fluently than I do now (å, ä, ö).

And this morning TNT pleasantly surprised me with a package from Bokus.com, with my order of swedish books.


Nu kan jag åtminstone studerar!

I dove into them straight away, how happy can one student be on a saturday morning? The weather contributed to that a little bit as well, another summerish saturday today woooohoooo! Last week we kind of closed of the summer season traditionally with a big ass icecream cone from our favorite shop in the Jordaan, close to where we used to live. But, any sun is more than welcome so we’ll extend the summer feeling a little bit more. And if the rain comes, and I know it will, I’ve got a whole bunch of books to read/study/enjoy!

Have a great weekend / trevlig helg!


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