The blackberry season

When the summerdays lay behind it’s time to look for the season ahead. The fall is just a step too far away, summer has definitely passed, but blackberry season fits right in between those two.

It reminds me of the last warm days of the year that we’d spend at the camping site with my grandparents, back in the days. My grandpa used to go blackberry picking every year, and on an exceptional lucky occasion we could go with him. It was always an adventure; climbing through the woods looking for just the right blackberry (not too red, green or half eaten by insects), that we threw into a big bucket that my grandpa would carry around until we filled it up. When we brought it home the fresh picked blackberries were taken over by my grandmother, who’d turn them into jam or juice. I still see myself waiting for a glass of sprite mixed with blackberry juice, gooodnesssssss!

Ain’t nature pretty?

So before the rain really comes down on me and fall officially presents itself, I choose to enjoy the blackberry season in the meantime. Them berries bring me back some memories of my Swedish days as well… They got a shitload of fresh berry produce in every store; lingonberry, strawberry (jordgubbar), blackberry (björnbär), cloudberry (hjorton), smultron, raspberry (hallon), blueberry (blåbär), cranberry (tranbär), gooseberry (krusbär) etc. Go see your local Ikea I’m sure they have jam in about half of  all those flavours. Just thinking, talking or hearing about Sweden makes me want to go there again, even though I was there just this summer! So, I arranged a little something for myself at the university for the first semester… I’m going to study Swedish again! I’m so excited to get started and improve my språk och feeling for grammatik. Hopefully next time I’ll be in Sweden I can have a REAL conversation with someone without changing to English halfway a difficult sentence.

That’s it for now, have a great blackberry/björnbär season!


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