So.. it’s been a while since my last blog about Stockholm. This next one will be about my second vacation this summer, to the Costa Azul/Alentejo in Portugal. I spent ten days there with my mom in the tiniest village ever. Together we explored pretty much the whole coastline of Alentejo; Santo André, Melides, Grândola, Sines, Porto Covo, Setúbal and last but not least: Lisbon.

Nature in Portugal is beautiful and quite diverse. While driving and walking around I felt like being in Africa, Italy, Greece, France, Holland, etc. you get the picture. Got me a lot of nice pictures!

So, that pretty much sums up the diversity in Portugal. I was amazed by how cheap everything was. One evening we went out to dinner in the local taberna, a small eating house where they serve home cooked food and (non-)alcholic beverages. We made reservations a day in advance so they could adjust the amount of groceries they had to buy. We started with soup and bread, followed by different sorts of fish, cockle-filled risotto and salad, and a huge piece of melon with coffee for dessert. With that, we drank about half a liter their homemade wine. The costs for this lovely dinner was the incredible amount of…….

€ 13,00

My head’s still processing this.

Some places in Portugal made you feel like living 100 years ago. About 80% of the population in the small villages appears to be analphabetic, there are public laundry places where people still wash by hand, most people earn a living by farming or fishing, nobody (except in Lisbon) knows a word English. But…. people are nice. They’re friendly. They’ll come and talk to you when you say hello to them (even though you can’t understand a word they’re saying :P). I had a great time visiting this beautiful, though quiet, part of Portugal. Too bad for me I got a huge sunburn the first day and spent the next 5 days in my sloppy long pants instead of my newly bought sundresses and shorts.

So… by starting this summer with absolutely no holiday plans, and finishing it by having been on vacation twice, I think I did pretty good!



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