Å Ä Ö – Two buddies on adventure

Last week I was finishing up the first year of my new studies. Today, I’m sitting in an amazing apartment in Södermalm, Stockholm. How did that happen?


His friend happened to be leaving for a small trip outside of Stockholm, and knew Daniel’s love for the city. So…. she invited him to stay at her place while she was gone. And the best part is (at least for me), I got tagged along with!

Ok. It’s gonna be a long story let me tell ya! So if ya not ready to be overwhelmed by all the pretty stories and pics of Sveriges huvudstaden, get bent :)

Onto my diary of the best ten days one could spend in their 2011 summer with their buddy.

One of the things I love most about Sverige is the everlasting lightness in summer. I’d move there just for that. Unfortunately in winters it’s ze ozzer way zaround; meaning blackened skies and a coldness you swear you’d die from starting at 4:00 PM. Needless to say Swedish people are usually plan their pregnancies during summer, so they can keep themselves busy during those long and dark winter days.

Ok. Onto the diary now. Arriving at Arlanda always feels a bit like coming home. I welcome the clean air, the shiny pictures of famous “Swedes,” the tightly uniformed and armed guards on the way out and the helpfullness of the flygbuss boy. All in all we pretty much know our way around the airport so we got our little butts in Stockholm within an hour after arrival at Arlanda.

No more bluffing for cheap metro tickets, WE ADULTS! T-Centralen – Gamla Stan – Slussen – (Nästa) – Mariatorget.


Personally I couldn’t get enough of the announcer on each metro stop, guiding all traveling Stockholmians, tourists and us (who I consider somewhere in between those two) where to transfer and to watch our step on the way out. Especially this sentence I kept repeating to myself all day long, pronouncing it in the middle of the street on the most random moments to improve my Swedish “sound.”

Tänk på avståndet mellan vagn och plattform när du stiger av.

OK. Onto the diary again. We did all kinds of cultural stuff, even though we’ve seen most of it already. First stop: Moderna Muséet at Skeppsholmen.

By the way; during my visit I got thinking about what the word holm actually means. I decided to ask some Swedish friends about it, but they got nothing on it. So, I just found out that holm means small island. Then, I hurried to http://ordbok.lagom.nl, a Swedish-Dutch translation website, to figure out what the Swedish meaning of stock is. Turned out to be tree trunk. Funny honey, another mystery solved.

The museum, prioritize. There was an exhibition about Siri Derkert; pioneer, artist, debater, sculpting artist, feminist and cubist. Honestly, I wasn’t that impressed by the whole thing. Sure she made a lot of stuff but I think her main point was to be heard and to be seen by people. Well, she managed to do that. But I didn’t found her work to be very groundbreaking or original. It was worth seeing though, and she sure was a special woman. I very much admire her intentions to express herself and her ideas to the world, so in that case she was very ahead of her time and didn’t care what the world thought of her. It’s nice to see some  people to break loose from the grey masse for a change.

The next thing worth mentioning in the longest diary entry of the century is Rosendahls Trädgården. I love using those ä’s and å’s. Visiting day was incredibly hot-chaud-heet-varm-het.  While trying to find the coolest possible position we lay down in the grassy field, surrounded by tourists, babies, their parents and a mini Lassie, observing the beautiful surroundings and little birdies. It was all very lovely and incredibly corny. Then, we decided to spice things up a little!


It wasn’t all culture and corny like you might think. We also met people. Stockholmians. Real ones. Ok, maybe not born and raised ones, but at least they lived there now. They took us places. Islands in fact. Kungsholmen, Reimersholme, were boats and beaches were to be found, and where Stockholmians withdraw themselves from the tourists in summer.

That pretty much sums everything up. Except for maybe a side note on the bridge, the suicide bridge. I think no need for further explanation. Oh, and also popular shooting location for films and movies and pictures.

Oh yea, how can I forget… fika!

@Sundbergs Konditorei
@Wayne’s Coffee

Just to name a few.

After being re-caffeinated and fueled up sugar-wise we skipped through the gatans from Acne store to Whyred store to outlet stores of both brands and then we bought only one pair of pants. And the pants weren’t even for me. I did finally see the pair of väldigt höga klackar named Coroline. The nasty thing about them beauties was the amount of way too many kronors that had to be paid to the store-man in order to make them mine. I’m still pretty blue about it. I’ll meet u again in 6 months, Coroline, when SALE is on.

Some other things worth mentioning, minus an enormous explanation, are:
– I finally finished reading my FRENCH bookie while in Sweden! Poupoucoucou!
– I rode the ferry to Djurgården and got wet feet
– I unconsciously experienced princess Victoria’s birthday
– I had kanelbullar every day
– I had a glass of wine that cost me 85 kronor (+/- € 9,00)
– I guided people around in my “hood” Södermalm (to the subway and the pharmacy to be exact)
– I met a Japanese filmcrew
– They didn’t film anything
– I rode an ancient hiss (elevator) pretty much everyday
– I’ve grown to love Sweden and Stockholm even more

Advice: take the next metro, close your eyes for a few minutes, fall asleep for a bit, wake up and get out. Wherever the hell you are just explore the surroundings and suburbia’s of Stockholm. Only the idea of being in an Austrian ski-area instead of Stockholm is worth doing it for. So go.

Ok now moving the last etappe of this story; rowing the boat around Reimsholme with a broken paddle on a windy, and our last, day in Stockholm.

Isnt’ that a nice compilation? I thought so. Ok, I think I managed to express how wonderful this trip was. Thank you again for taking me with you, Daniel. Another great experience turned into a beautiful memory.


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