C’est con, ce qu’on peut être con

Not all is con because…

School is almost over.
Summer holidays lift of any day now.
But…. first things first.

To do:

– winning debate tournament
– finish thesis
– finish something with tests, spss and other research junkamunk

In the meantime I gladly spend my time procrastinating the things that need to be done, and take a break from an intensive yet great first year of the new studies. I find myself reminiscing of the good old days in Sundsvall with my loyal Erasmus gang. Meeting them every now and then is a real mood&energy-booster. So, being given some free time in between busy periods, let me run wild with creativity, memories and the eagerness to express it. This morning I reunited with an old friend; Illustrator. Turned out to be just what I needed to express a little of this and that. Le result is not much, but it’s a start to a series of frequent updates and expressions.

The sun has been shining and for a while; time to go get me some tan!

À Bientôt!


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